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European Union

Technical Cooperation for Environment in India


The aim of the project, which was launched in October 2014, is to contribute towards India’s sustainable and inclusive development based on the experience of India and the European Union through capacity building and skill development.


The Program Advisory Committee co-chaired by the Joint Secretary, Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change and the Joint Secretary, Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Government of India has endorsed the two thematic areas of the project viz. (i) Sewage Treatment and (ii) Solid Waste Management.


The thematic areas are closely associated with the National Action Plan on Climate Change and the Swachh Bharat Mission. The pilot cities for the implementation of the project are New Delhi and Mumbai.


During the lifecycle of the project, a number of activities will be realized in accordance to 10 work packages, including stakeholder mapping/meetings, policy analysis and research, study tours, consultation workshops, training, e-learning modules and many others. We believe that through this project we can effectively contribute to the Indian Government’s objectives.

The Project

The Project

Study Tours

We have organised 3 study tours in Sweden, Germany and Denmark on solid waste management and sewage treatment for 32 Indian experts. 

Consultation Workshops

We have delivered four Consultation Workshops in Delhi and Mumbai in 2017 on solid waste and sewage management with the participation of more than 150 experts. Two of the workshops focused on landfill mining.  

We are cooperating with Stree Mukti Sanghatana (SMS) in Maharashtra for the delivery of waste management awareness sessions to local stakeholders. Until today more than 20,000 persons have attended the sessions. We are also working with Mumbai First on project activities, information dissemination, event planning, and other tasks.

Community Cooperation
Our Newsletters

Read our three newsletters with news about the project's initiatives.

Policy & Technical Reports

Read about the project's reports on solid waste and waste water management, which have been developed based on the needs of the Indian partners.

Our Publications

Read about the chapter and journal article that our team has published.


View our new children-friendly e-learning module on waste management at the community, which was developed in cooperation with the Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs as part of the Swachh Bharat Mission. 


Review some of the key resources, links and material that we have found as part of our project, that may be of interest to you.

Our Presentations

Review the presentations that the project team has delivered to various events.

Project Focus

Capacity Building


Solid Waste  & Waste Water Management


New Delhi & Mumbai




The Team

  • Dr. P. Karamanos, Team Leader (

  • Dr. V.K. Verma, Alternate Team Leader & Joint Director (EPD), Shriram Institute for Industrial Research (

  • Mr. Ö. Ekengren, Executive Vice President, IVL

  • Mr. M. Ridner, Chief FInancial Officer, IVL

  • Mr. U. Burman, Senior Advisor, Business Development & Marketing, IVL

  • Dr. J. Kumar, Short Term Expert, Shriram Institute for Industrial Research

  • Dr. D. S. Chatterjee, Short Term Expert, Shriram Institute for Industrial Research

  • Dr. K. Yvette Wild, Director, DTI - International Centre

  • Mr. M. Mengu, Project Director, DTI – International Centre

  • Ms. M. Jessing, Project Manager, DTI – International Centre

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